My mission is to advise patients on medical marijuana medications in order to improve their quality of life. Patients will always receive information from a registered pharmacist focused on specific patient goals regarding medications, effects, and side effects. This information will be presented in a clear and concise manner. My goal is to educate patients about medical marijuana in order for them to make knowledgeable and confident decisions regarding their personal wellness.  



  • Helped patients decrease their opiate usage. A significant percentage of patients are now 100% opiate free.

  • Helped epileptic patients decrease their seizures by over 70%.

  • Helped MS patients improve their mobility. Many patients no longer need a wheelchair and some no longer even need a walker anymore.

  • Helped patients lengthen life expectancy by months, and in a some cases years, beyond initial diagnoses.

  • Helped patients sleep through the night.

  • Helped patients lessen the frequency of, and in some cases even eliminate, panic attacks.

Where I have been

  • 4/13/18 OSHA Seminar: Weed in the workplace

  • 5/5/18 The 1st Annual Connecticut Cannabis Conference: Starting a Cannabusiness as a Medical Professional

  • 6/15/18 GVCC Healthcare Council

  • 8/16/18 Women Grow: Ask your Dispensary Pharmacist

  • 9/15/18 That Cannabis Show

  • 9/16/18 Boston Freedom Rally

  • 9/26/18 Caregiver Symposium

  • 10/13/18 Patient/Dispensary Services Class