Hello! Welcome to the next level of education, counseling, and consulting in the Medical Marijuana industry.

I was the Dispensary Manager at one of CT's busiest dispensaries for almost 3 years. I am also a pharmacist with over 16 years of experience in retail and hospital pharmacy. I have immersed myself into the Medical Marijuana industry over the past few years and found my true passion in healthcare.

I have counseled patients who have been able to improve their quality of life dramatically, while also improving their outcomes and becoming more active participants in their life. Many of my patients have been able to decrease, and in some cases, eliminate their prescription medications (including opiates, anti-seizure, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and anti-depressants)! 

Currently, I see that the vast majority of people you speak with at a dispensary have difficulty finding adequate time to answer the ALL of the pressing questions of each patient. This causes significant hesitancy and confusion when deciding to use medical marijuana. This also makes it difficult to begin dosing and to be able to adjust appropriately. Things get increasingly more challenging in an industry where the products available, as well as, the delivery methods are constantly changing. It is almost necessary to have someone who knows what you are looking for to help guide you through this process. This is where I hope to help.

I am here to help guide patients from the beginning and all throughout their journey with Medical Marijuana. It is an amazing thing to have patients come back to you in shock of how much one plant can improve their quality of life so dramatically. I look forward to helping as many of you as I can to improve your quality of life and your personal health goals!

Thank you for your time,

Brian Essenter, RPh