Happy Independence Day! Lets not forget why we celebrate!

I hope everyone is enjoying their July 4th with family and loved ones responsibly! It is a time for celebration and reflection. This is when we celebrate our independence and freedom. I ask that as we enjoy our holiday today we remember a few things...

1. There are thousands of veterans that have paid the ultimate sacrifice defending our country so please lets remember them and their families for their willingness to protect our country!

2. We still have quite a few of those veterans that are suffering on a daily basis after coming home from defending our country! We don't respect this sacrifice enough and how we expect them to be able to adjust back into our society without any significant financial or mental support and a failing healthcare system! These friends and family members have probably barricaded themselves in their house this holiday week as everyone sets off fireworks sparking PTS and sending these vets into flashbacks! 

3. This country was founded by immigrants and on the principals of freedom of speech, religion, and civil liberties for ALL! Lets also not forget all the families that have been torn apart in the recent months by our federal government! They should be able to celebrate this day with their families too! 

4. On a lighter note, I just watched Joey Chestnut destroy Nathan's hot dog eating contest. I hope everyone else can enjoy all of the cook outs and family fun today! Be safe and enjoy your liberties on this day!