It's Midterm Election Time!

Midterm elections are here. The midterms have a lower turnout than presidential elections. Many people feel as though the midterm elections are not as important. It doesn’t help that the media doesn’t cover these elections as thoroughly as they do when there is a presidential election. This makes it even more difficult to find out where your candidates stand on the issues that matter to you. Therefore many of us decide not to vote because we feel as though these elections must not be as “important or impactful” to our current situation and we just don’t know enough (or in many cases anything) about the candidates.

The truth is that the midterms usually have more impact on each of us personally and locally than do the presidential elections. The federal government will decide the direction of the country. The local and state legislators decide what is best for your state, counties, and towns. This obviously will have an impact in your specific community. Each of us have different priorities (outside of cannabis) that will cause us to vote one way or the other. The important part is to get out there and vote. I included a few places you can quickly check out where your candidates stand.

We all have our reasons for voting and I am not interested in convincing you of anything, but please just go vote. Seriously… Go! Maybe we can reinforce to our legislators that if they are not doing what they said, or what we want… we will vote for someone who will. That is how and why our democracy is set up the way it is!