New Year / New Opportunities

In Connecticut, and across the entire northeast we are on the cusp of Adult-Use Legalization of cannabis! This is not a given. We need EVERYONE to speak up and come out of that Canna Closet! This industry is coming. We can be in front of it and help shape it, or we can get run over by it.

SO… Anyone who wants to see:

·       Grow rights

·       Equity programs

·       Expungement of Cannabis Convictions

·       Social consumption lounges

·       More growers

·       More dispensaries

·       More opportunities

I’m talking to you! If you have any suggestions or ideas then you NEED to show up and be heard by the people who actually make the decisions. If the polls show 66% in favor, we can need more than just a few of us (usually the same faces) to show up and make our voices heard. Our elected officials will NOT believe that Adult Use Legalization is actually something the people want if it’s just the voices of a few.

It does not mean that you must show up to the hearings. ANYONE can submit testimony online! It is up to you to participate and be the change, or just complain about what everyone else did. Let’s do this correctly the 1st time. We can learn from how others have succeeded and failed.